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Do you want to make money on the internet? Our website is based on the contributions of readers like you. Readers who had no prior writing experience but decided to compile a list and submit it.

Thank you for visiting #stayfitwithanand. Here, we share our health and fitness ideas and knowledge. 

Our official submission guidelines can be found below.

Submission guidelines

Please make sure all guidelines are met when considering a piece for submission

  • We now only accept unpublished drafts. We used to take previously published drafts, but now we’re getting more great stories than ever and have to prioritize unwritten stories. We hope you understand!
  • Submissions must be tagged with at least one of the following: Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Mental Health, Exercise.
  • You are able to import stories you’ve written from other sites.
  • Please stick as much as possible to formatting guidelines.
  • Submissions may be edited for content, spelling, grammar, and format. We will never change the overall message of your story. If we have questions, comments, or concerns, we will send you a private note.
  • All submissions must include a featured image with proper attribution. The easiest site to use is Unsplash. Other sites include Pixabay and Pexels.
  • We would like it to remain there once a story has been published in In #stayfitwithanand. There are exceptions, of course, but please do not delete a story without prior notification. Please ask first if you wish to remove the piece. It’s your job, you can do what you want with it, but we would like to know the reason for removing it.
  • We promptly review submissions. Allow up to 24 hours for a review, please. Please let us know via email if you have an intended publication date and time, and we will schedule it at the time requested. Before submitting to In Fitness And In Health, you may also schedule it.
  • As it is subject to curation and thus has the potential to bring a larger number of visitors to the page, we prefer to receive members-only content( medium Partner Program). This helps you earn money for your job as well!
  • Feel free if you ever want to leave the publication. As we are always open to getting better and improving the publication, please let us know why you are leaving. There is always welcome feedback.
  • To submit your formal application to become a writer for #stayfitwithanand Just DM us on our Instagram account.
  • You will earn revenue for every article that is published.
  • No limit on articles published
  • Must be 100% original content
  • Word limit : Minimum 1000 Words Per article.
  • Paid out via PayPal, Paytm, Google pay.
  • The minimum payout is 5USD or 600 views to the article. Payment id Dependent upon the reading time of viewers. if reader is staying on the blog for more than 4 minutes, then & then only google will count it as 1 veiw.

Once You’ve Been Accepted As A Writer, follow this,

It’s time to send us some stories now that you have been accepted as a contributor and have a better understanding of what success looks like!

  1. Start mailing Your Articles where,
  2. Make sure Subject will be your Title in blog,
  3. Send your Article with Image to [email protected]
  4. Wait for Our Reply.

What after Once Your Article Published?

So here is the major thing !! once your article got Published all you have to do is get 200 Page veiws. You can get page views by sharing your articles URL link on your Social Media like Instagram, Facebook and Other platform.

How Much can you earn? 

You can earn 1USD for Per 100 Views. First 200 views won't be Count under regulation of our Publication. 
So Start Sharing Your Articles to us. and Start Earning from home.

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