Textbook of Therapeutic Exercises by S Lakshmi Narayanan PDF Download

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This book is purely helpful for beginners of exercise therapy. It is a comprehensive book that deals with teaching exercise therapy, instructs the norms of the therapy, how to stimulate fast recovery of the patients through exercise therapy though on medication. 

This book is nicely contained in 16 chapters covering all applications of therapeutic exercises. A number of color illustrations, graphics, and tables representations to impress upon the reader. 

It explains how exercise therapy is governed and controlled by the mechanism of static and dynamic force, linear, parallel, rotational, concurrent force, the center and line of gravity, the base of support, equilibrium-stable, unstable, neutral and Newton’s laws of force, inertia, acceleration and action-reaction as well as the functions of levers and pulley, elasticity, springs, kinetic and potential energy work in human body’s functional system. 

This book is an extremely beneficial reference book for physiotherapists, orthopedics, and people who face physical trauma enmasse.

AuthorAuthor's Affiliation
1. Narayanan S LakshmiNavodaya College of Physiotherapy, Mahaboobnagar (AP)
Publishing Year2005
Book TypeTextbook

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