How to Turn Injury into 'Win-jury'?

I was working on pushup variations this past weekend when I went a little too far and severely strained my shoulder muscle. let's put this thing away, I am already sitting with icepacks on my shoulders while working on this blog, 

When you're injured and can't exercise, here are some healthy things that you can try.

How to Turn Injury into 'Win-jury'?

I was initially disappointed by this. I don't just exercise to stay in shape; it's also how I find "my happy." But, if I'm being honest, I'd been due for a break for quite some time. For the previous five months, I'd been training four to five days a week, and experts recommend taking a break from exercise every six to eight weeks. The issue is that rest is tedious! When forced and accompanied by a bothersome injury, it's also demotivating.

Fortunately, I've discovered some healthy coping mechanisms for this unplanned downtime. If you're dealing with an injury or an unplanned break from exercise, these five activities may be beneficial. They won't get in the way of your recovery, but they will help you stay healthy and optimistic.

So what you can do while you are not doing Exercise?

First of all, Consult your Doctor/ Physiotherapist.

umm, this is the first step you can do. Physiotherapists are said to be the healing persons and injury due to workouts and exercise comes under Physiotherapy. for pain Reduction and for better recovery always Consult your Physiotherapist first. they might help you with Pain reduction buy different modalities like TENS, IFT therapy, Icepack, hot packs according to injury or swelling. and can add up some good stretch and you will end up getting a good rehabilitation program that you can follow at home.

Do Some Mind Exercise!

I can get so caught up in my physical fitness that I forget to take care of my mental health. While exercise can improve your mental health, it also has the opposite effect!

Healthy Things to Do When You’re Injured and Can’t Exercise

Meditation is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, in my opinion. Improved sleep, lower blood pressure, and even pain reduction are just a few of the many scientifically-proven benefits of meditation. Listening to guided meditations is a great way to get started with meditation if you're new to it. You can find them for free on YouTube or purchase an app like Headspace or Calm to help you relax. I've tried both and believe that you can't go wrong with either.

If at all possible, engage in some light physical activity.

You might be able to work in some light physical activity depending on the nature of your injury.

The key is to make sure the exercise you're doing doesn't aggravate your injury. If you've pulled something in your lower body, for example, you could try some upper body exercises.

If you're unsure about what type of physical activity you can do while injured (if any), consult your physiotherapist first.

You are never out of Good habits, Find another one!

Now is an excellent time to refocus your efforts on developing new habits that you've always known were important but have never gotten around to doing because of your current circumstances. It doesn't have to be drastic; every little thing you do to improve your health adds up.

For example, I started using hot water with half lemon in the morning for the last three weeks. My Vitamin C is going to kill all bad viruses and bacteria in my body, yikes!

Other healthy habit ideas include getting more sleep, drinking more water, and eating an extra vegetable serving at mealtimes. I know I'm working on it as well. The idea is that by the time your injury heals, you'll have these new habits down pat and will be able to maintain them with ease once you resume your exercise routine.

Read About Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is becoming a fad nowadays, people are doing exercise, oh sorry- I mean some fancy exercise just to show off! don't do it. Internet is savior nowadays. you don't have to go and find the book, but I suggest finding some books and read from them. not everything on the internet is right. Plus reading from the book will increase your focus.

Books are a great way to boost your health by providing you with life-extension knowledge. The more you learn about health and fitness, the better choices you can make for your health, in my opinion!

                                      Healthy Things to Do When You’re Injured and Can’t Exercise

Cook Something Good for yourself. 

This is an excellent time to focus on your diet. Even if you already have good eating habits, there are always ways to improve your nutrition. If you don't enjoy cooking or baking, look up healthy food substitutions.
How to Turn Injury into 'Win-jury'? Cooking

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