How to Perform Knee Extension Exercise?

this exercise helps to improve Your Quadriceps. With this exercise, sitting tall with a good posture is very necessary. Try to lean against a wall with your back , shoulders, and buttocks, if you find yourself rounded forward.

Equipment you need: mat, wall, and ankle weights (optional for Resistence training).

Muscles Used: quadriceps Group of Muscle

How to Perform Knee Extension Exercise?

  1.  Sit down on the floor with a tall posture. Your shoulders should be pulled down your back with your chest. Sit High so that your knee remains flexed in starting position.
  2.  Breath out, Without fail losing posture or leaning away from wall, lift the Leg up in the air as high as you can. you can Hold the Knee in extended position if you want to get good result for at least on count of 10.
  3.  Inhale and slowly flex your knee down to starting position. do not slam or perform this exercise quickly. slow and rhythmic Exercise will give good Results.
  4.  For initial phase do 10 Repetitions with hold of knee extension for up to 10 counts in two set.
  5.  if you want to strength your quads further just add Resistance(weight cuff) on ankle.
  6. Switch the legs.

Physio Advise: 

Expert tip: If you can't raise your leg at all, don't be discouraged. It's very normal, and it just means that your vastus medialis needs to be improved.

However, you need to feel a contraction above your knee. Place your right hand just above the knee on your right thigh and a little to the left. You can sense the vastus medialis muscle contracting when you flex the quadriceps. You'll be able to raise your leg off the floor as you get stronger.

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