Can a person with Sprengel shoulders build muscles of Back and arm?

Sprengel deformity is a congenital condition that is characterized by abnormal shoulder blade development and elevation (scapula). Can a person with Sprengel's shoulders build muscles? The answer to this question is quite complicated, before that let's overcome what is  Sprengel's deformity? 

It is a rare congenital skeletal abnormality (also known as high scapula or congenital high scapula) where a person has one shoulder blade that sits higher on the back than the other.

When covered with clothes, severity can range considerably from being almost invisible to the shoulder being raised over 5 centimeters, with neck webbing. Treatment includes early childhood operations and physical therapy. 

The risk of nerve damage when removing the omovertebral bone and when stretching the muscle tissue during shoulder relocation complicates surgical treatment in adulthood. Diagnosis is clinical, and instrumental diagnostics such as conventional radiography and CT scan can confirm it.


Signs and symptoms of Sprengel deformity

Depending on the severity and whether additional skeletal or muscular abnormalities are present, signs and symptoms of Sprengel deformity can vary. 

There may be no noticeable signs or symptoms in some people. It happens on the left side more frequently but can occur on both sides.

Rigault’s classification of Sprengel deformity

  1. Grade 1: Superomedial angle lower than T2 but above T4 transverse process
  2. Grade 2: Superomedial angle located between C5 and T2 Transverse process
  3. Grade 3: Superomedial angle above C5 transverse process

Other characteristics that have been detected in connection with Sprengel deformity include,

  • scoliosis
  • Klippel Feil syndrome
  • limb length discrepancy
  • an underdeveloped backbone (hemivertebrae)
  • missing, fused, or extra ribs (cervical ribs)
  • abnormalities of the collarbone
  • abnormalities of the chest
  • organs of the body displaced on the opposite side (ex: liver on the left and heart on the right)
  • spina bifida occulta

Treatment of Sprengel deformity

Sprengel deformity treatment depends on the degree of impairment of function and/or cosmetic disfigurement. Many individuals with Sprengel deformity do not require surgery and may have physical therapy to maintain motion range and strengthen weak muscles.

The goals for those who do require surgery are to release the scapula binding and relocate the scapula. Surgery can improve the cosmetic appearance and contour of the neck, and improve the scapular function when it is severely impaired. However, the ability to increase shoulder abduction is limited as Normal Scapulo humeral rhythm is affected.

The optimal age for surgery is controversial, but most experts recommend that the best surgical result be obtained before age 8. Depending on the situation of each person, there are several surgical options that may be considered. Many of the Sprengel deformity surgical procedures leave unsightly scars, so careful consideration must be given to cosmetic improvement.

Now Question Comes Can a person with Sprengel's shoulders can build muscles? Then the answer is yes !! Proper Observation and under the instruction of Therapist Person can build the Muscles or can do gymming or any Exercise they want, on the only term to not to stretch or injury the muscles or binding structure. That will be more Painful. 

Sprengel's shoulder deformity is a pectoral girdle dysplasia that results in cosmetic and functional disability. Other congenital anomalies that often dictate the management and outcome of treatment are associated with the deformity.

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