Extensor digitorum longus and brevis muscle in the human body

   Extensor digitorum  longus

It is the pennate muscle situated in the lateral part of the front leg.

Origin – lateral the condyle of tibia, proximal 2/3 of anterior shaft of fibula

Insertion – middle and distal phalanges of 4 lateral toes

Nerve supply – deep peroneal nerve(l4,5,s1)

Blood supply – proximal part is supplied by anterior tibial artery and the distal part is supplied by the fibular artery.

Palpation- common tendon palpated on the anterior surface of the ankle, lateral to extensor hallucis longus tendon. the divided tendons palpated on the dorsum of the foot.

2.       Extensor digitorum brevis

Origin – anterior calcaneus

Insertion – extensor expansion of 4 medial toes

Nerve supply  - deep peroneal nerve(l4,5,s1)

Action – aids extension of 4 medial toes at mp joints

Blood supply -  anterior perforating branch of the fibular artery and the anterior lateral malleolar artery

Palpation- anterior to and  slightly below lateral malleolus on the dorsum of the foot.


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