The longest muscle in the human body-sartorius

The sartorius is the longest muscle in the body .it is the most superficial thigh muscle and forms the lateral border of the femoral is also called a tailored muscle.

The longest muscle in the human body-sartorius


·         Anterior superior iliac spine


·         The upper medial shaft of the tibia

Nerve supply-

·         Femoral nerve(l2,3,4)

Blood supply-

·         5-10 vessels originated from superior circumflex iliac, lateral femoral, deep femoral, descending geniculate and femoral artery

Action –

·         Assist flexion,abduction,lateral rotagion of femur at hip joint

·         Assist flexion,medial rotation of knee(“tailor position”)


·         Close to its origin,just below the anterior superior iliac spine,continuing diagonally across anterior pelvic area to its insertion during active flexion, abduction, and lateral rotation of the hip.

The longest muscle in the human body-sartorius


Its name is derived from the Latin word for tailor, sartor, to indicate its action of bringing the leg into a cross-legged sitting position. not a powerful muscle, it only assists in these actions

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