Gluteue medius muscle in human body

The Gluteus medius muscle is located in the posterior is a large fan-shaped muscle. muscle belongs to the gluteal region.

Gluteue medius muscle in human body
Gluteue medius muscle in the human body

Origin: iliac crest, ilium between superior and middle gluteal lines

Insertion: lateral the aspect of greater trochanter of the tibia

Gluteue medius muscle in human body

Nerve supply: superior gluteal nerve(l4,5,s1)

Blood supply: superficial and deep branches of the superior gluteal artery

Action: hip abduction, medial rotation of femur at the hip joint(anterior fibers)

Gluteue medius muscle in human body

palpation of the muscle: lateral the aspect of hip between the iliac crest and greater trochanter during active hip abduction. when standing on one foot, this muscle contracts on that side to stabilize the pelvis and prevent it from tilting to the unsupported side .alternate contraction of these muscles occurs in walking.

Paralysis of this muscle on one side results in the “gluteal medius limp"the pelvis tilt towards the uninvolved side in walking.

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