How to Perform Quadriceps Setting (Quad Sets)?

Quadriceps Setting (Quad Sets) is common exercise to increase knee Extension. it is basically working on quadriceps muscles to make them work isometrically. How to perform? it is the easiest exercise. The patient position will be in Supine, sitting in a chair (with the heel on the floor) or long-sitting with the knee extended (or flexed a few degrees) but not hyperextended. Have the patient contract the quadriceps isometrically, causing the patella to glide proximally; then hold for a count of 10, and repeat. sometimes this exercise is also known as Quadriceps Strengthening Exercises or SQE (Static quadriceps Exercise).

Quad sets help you build and maintain strength in the muscles on top of your thigh. With this action, you are "setting" these quadricep muscles by holding them tight. Use verbal cues for patients or athletes if they are not understanding the right method such as, “Try to push your knee back and tighten your thigh muscle” or “Try to tighten your thigh muscle and pull your kneecap up.”
Performing Quadriceps sets

When the patient sets the muscle properly, the patient initiates the activity, offers verbal reinforcement immediately and then has the patient repeat the activity.

Have the patient dorsiflexion of the ankle and then hold an isometric contraction of the quadriceps. Observe the gluteus maximus, just to make sure that the patient is not compensating with hip extension as a result of an inhibited quadriceps.


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