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What Does Warm up and Cool Down To Our Body??

 What is WARM UP?? A warm-up is a pre-exercise phase that usually consists of low- to moderate-intensity movements and activities. Its main goal is to progressively raise the body's core temperature, pulse rate, breathing rate, and blood supply to the muscles that are in use. The purpose of a warm-up is to get the body ready for more physically and psychologically taxing activities and exercise. Many exercises, including dynamic stretching, light aerobics, and sport-specific drills , are frequently used as part of a warm-up. These exercises improve brain activation, joint mobility, and muscular flexibility. A warm-up also makes it easier for oxygen to reach the muscles efficiently, which enhances energy metabolism and lowers the chance of injury. The warm-up phase facilitates the change from a state of inactivity or rest to one of physical exertion preparation. It is seen as a crucial part of any fitness programme, helping to enhance performance, reduce injuries, and promote gener

Abnormal Endfeel in Physiotherapy

The abnormal end feels, several of which have subdivisions and each of which is commonly associated with some degree of pain or restricted movement. classified in Five : 1) Muscle Spasm :  This end feel is invoked by movement, with a sudden dramatic arrest of movement often accompanied by pain. The end feel is sudden and hard. An early muscle spasm occurs early in the ROM, almost as soon as movement starts; this type of muscle spasm is associated with inflammation and is seen in more acute conditions. A late muscle spasm occurs at or near the end of the ROM. It is usually caused by instability and the resulting irritability caused by movement. 2) Capsular : this end feel is similar to tissue stretch. present earliest in ROM. ROM is reduced.  this end feel can be classified into hard capsular , in which the end feel has a thicker stretching quality to it, and soft capsular (boggy), which is similar to normal tissue stretch end feel but with a restricted ROM.