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The sartorius muscle is a thin, long, superficial muscle in the anterior compartment of the thigh. It runs down the length of the thigh, runs over 2 joints—hip and knee joints and is the longest muscle in the human body. muscle has a twisted position in the body.
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Sartorius passes behind the medial condyle of the femur to end in a tendon. The tendon sartorius, after taking an anterior curve joins with the tendon of the Gracilis and Semitendinosus in the pes anserinus before its final insertion.

Origin of Sartorius :

  • Satorius originates anterior superior iliac spine.
  • Insertion: Satorius is inserted on the medial aspect of the proximal tibia.

Actions of Sartorius: 

  • Sartorius flexes, abducts & laterally rotates the thigh.
  • Sartorius also flexes knee (weak flexor). 

Nerve Supply: 

it is supplied by Femoral nerve.

Arterial Supply:

The sartorius muscle receives blood supply from superficial circumflex iliac, lateral femoral, deep femoral, descending geniculate, and femoral arteries.
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