It is a diamond-shaped quadrilateral Muscle. The trapezius has three functional parts: an upper (descending) part which supports the weight of the arm; a middle region (transverse), which retracts the scapula; and a lower (ascending) part which medially rotates and depresses the scapula.


  • occipital bone, ligamentum nuchae, spines of C7 - T12.


  • spine & acromion ofscapula, lateral 3rd of clavicle.
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  1. stablizes, raises, retracts & rotates scapula.
  2. adducts & retracts scapula (middle).
  3. elevates scapula or synergist to head extension (suprior).
  4. depresses scapula & shoulder (inferior).


  • Accesory nerve

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