Teres minor | ARM MOVERS | Rotator Cuff

                     The teres minor is a narrow, elongated muscle of the rotator cuff.
                   SupraspinatusInfraspinatusSubscapularis, and Teres Minor together This Four Muscle work as rotatory to the Humerus. So, also known as Rotator Cuff.

teres minor ORIGIN:

Teres minor originates from the lateral border of a dorsal scapular surface.

teres minor INSERTION:

Teres minor is inserted at greater tubercle of humerus, inferior to the infraspinatus

teres minor ACTION:

  1. helps to hold the head of the humerus in glenoid cavity.
  2. stabilizes the shoulder joint.
  3. rotates humerus laterally.
Same as Infraspinatus muscle.

teres minor NERVE SUPPLY:

Teres minor is Supplied by the Axillary nerve.


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