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The deltoid muscle is a rounded, triangular muscle located on the uppermost part of the arm and the top of the shoulder. which is shaped like an equilateral triangle. It comprises 3 distinct portions each of which produces a different movement of the glenohumeral joint,
The deltoid muscle is the muscle forming the rounded contour of the human shoulder. It is also known as the 'common shoulder muscle'. we can see Muscles as anterior deltoid and posterior deltoid as it covers the whole shoulder from above. lateral deltoid is the lateral view of the shoulder.
Like many other muscles, the deltoid can be sore for a variety of reasons, including overuse and tendon injuries. the common word for that is deltoid muscle pain.

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The deltoid has three origins:
  • the lateral end of the clavicle, 
  • the acromion of the scapula at the top of the shoulder, and 
  • the spine of the scapula.


deltoid tuberosity of humerus.


  1. an agonist of arm abduction with all fibers, antagonist of pectoralis major & latissimus dorsi.
  2. flexes & medially rotates humerus with anterior fibers, synergist of pectoralis major.
  3. extends & laterally rotates arms with posterior fibers.


 The deltoid muscle is Supplied by the Axillary nerve.

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