What is agonist and antagonis Muscle in Physiotherapy?

Agonist Muscle

these are chief muscles, which produces the main movement. it is also called as prime movers as they are initiative muscles for the action.

there are many muscles are in the body which is acting as prime movers. but as for example, we take the flexors of the elbow to understand this concept.
elbow flexion is done by brachialis as well as biceps brachii muscles. no doubt both muscles are needed to do elbow flexion but the brachialis has its major function into elbow flexion. so here brachialis is the agonist muscle for the elbow flexion.


I am against the agonist, so I am famous as antagonist woohoo!😏

antagonist's muscles are acting against the agonist. for the example, we take the elbow flexion and extension. as we know biceps brachii and brachialis is acting together as an agonist for elbow flexion, here the extensor muscles of the elbow the triceps is antagonist's muscles.

this both agonist and antagonist's muscles work under neurological reflex when agonist contracts antagonist goes under relaxation or vice-versa.

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