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Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower Back

Are you ever feeling slouching? Or rubbing down your aching back *? Or wish you could more easily lift your child or a heavy suitcase? If so, chances are that you will have to work on your core strength. For everyone, the core strength is important, every day. It not only makes it easier to accomplish regular tasks and protect you against injury in general, but it also helps you to improve your posture and especially protect your back. That is where the new Anytime Fitness App's workout comes in! Get up, get more moving, and try these exercises to build lower back strength better. Exercise for Lower Back pain ! Back Extension  Exercise  Lie face down with your chest on the ball, your arms crossed over your upper chest, and your legs straight out behind.  Raise your chest up off the ball, coming to an upright position.  Do not to bounce up and down on the ball as you perform each rep. Quad Superman Exercise  Begin on all fours with both knees and hands on the floor. 1 – Raise one ar

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